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Side view of dust-free suction machine

Side view of dust-free suction machine

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In addition to clearing checking the common faults of vacuum feeder, it is also very important for customers to carry out routine maintenance, cleaning maintenance of weighing mixer. Xiaobian combs the three processes of maintenance.

Maintenance 1: before starting, the basic inspection of vacuum feeding machine should be carried out. Key check mechanical pump suction valve, tee joint other relevant positions is the sealing condition. Hemispherical mixer only in the condition of good sealing, can ensure that the machine equipment in the next step of work is prone to common faults, so that the work can be carried out smoothly.

Maintenance 2: carry out observation on the internal working condition of the automatic feeding machine. In case of any abnormal condition the decrease of internal vacuum value, the machine shall be shut down immediately the mechanical equipment shall be repaired. If the parts are damaged, they should be removed replaced immediately. In addition, the mechanical pump must be cleaned anytime anywhere to maintain the cleanliness of the pump.

Maintenance 3: after the application of machinery equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the removal of the vacuum feeder, to do a comprehensive cleaning, to carry out inspection of all components.



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