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Delivery of double motor vibrating screen

Delivery of double motor vibrating screen

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The multi form vibration detection experiment of the prototype machine the layout of measuring points is carried out on the original machine model made according to a certain proportion. If the specification of the original model of the cooling mixer is made to be large, a large enough striking hammer vibration exciter must be used to excite the multi forms of the screening machine solid model, so as to prevent the lack of multiple forms of detection due to insufficient kinetic energy; if the original model is made to a smaller size, it will be very difficult in material selection manufacturing. Therefore, the solid model with a ratio of 1:10 is selected for the grinding mixer under the experimental standard. To establish a simple working area of the shaker box, a simple connection of the structure of the shaker box is established.

Reverse flow FRP cooling tower

(1) The air supply vent have a large slope, so the inlet outlet air is easy to short flow, which can ensure the low temperature of the gas

(2) The high efficiency of heat exchanger in reflux tower is high

(3) The air supply louvers of the annular reverse flow tower can be arranged along the circle, the square tower can also be arranged around. Therefore, the air supply is symmetrical the cooling effect is very good

(4) In size, the diameter of the ring tower is larger than that of the square tower with the same characteristics, the perimeter is also larger




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