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Stainless steel vibration screening machine

Stainless steel vibration screening machine

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Lump coal only has good market sales high price, but also is an important way to improve product quality economic benefits. Battery slurry mixer how to dig out the lump coal as far as possible to reduce the damage rate of digging lump coal in the transfer of capital turnover, is placed in the excavation production enterprise a practical research topic. At present, the key technology of coal mining grass-roots is manual service to pick up lump coal. That is to say, after firecrackers are set off, the staff of spice blender will pick up the lump coal in the frame then carry it to the mining truck for internal external transportation. Although this kind of method improves the lump coal rate of the excavation system software improves the economic benefits, it greatly increases the labor efficiency of employees, which is high efficiency low efficiency, is also unfavorable to production safety. The use of pneumatic lump coal vibration screening machine installed at the unloading point of the excavation extraction system ensures that the lump coal in the excavation coal should be fully selected, improves the quality of coal carbon products, obtains obvious economic benefits.

The lump coal is loaded into the belt conveyor the heading face through the harrowing machine, transported to the engine pneumatic lump coal vibration screening machine through the belt conveyor. The broken coal falls into the drive chain machine enters into the main shaft improvement system software. The lump coal is injected into the car skin raised to the road surface according to the auxiliary shaft.



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