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Circular vibration screening machine

Circular vibration screening machine

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Introduction of linear screening machine

SZF series linear screen uses vibration motor as vibration source to throw raw materials on stainless steel screen, move forward at a uniform speed. Raw materials are evenly fed into the feed inlet of screening equipment vibration feeder. According to the double-layer stainless steel screen, the upper lower materials of different specifications are discharged the respective inlet outlet. With low energy consumption, high production capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure, dust overflow, automatic blanking, more suitable for production line production.

Application scope of linear screening machine

The selection classification of powder granular raw materials are widely used in plastics, wear-resistant materials, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, decorative building materials, grains, carbon plants, organic fertilizer other manufacturing industries

1. Before the application of diatom mud mixer, check that the equipment is in good condition, no component is damaged, all electrical equipment is normal.

2. Turn on the main switch of the power supply start the light screening machine. If there is any abnormal situation, shut down the machine for inspection, then run after everything is normal.

3. Start the screening machine feed evenly properly.

4. When all raw materials on the surface of stainless steel screen fall into the material box, turn off the screening machine.

5. The distance between the feeder the screen powder should be more than 0.5c, so as to avoid damaging the stainless steel screen due to the excessive fluctuation of drugs. The stainless steel screen should be stopped replaced when it is cracked.

6. The screening machine should be started without load, then fed after stable operation.

7. It is forbidden to stand on the screening machine to avoid the rupture deformation of the damping plate.

8. At the end of application, switch off the power supply, clean the machine, do wash with tap water.




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