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Pelletizer vibrating screen

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According to the principle, vibration screening machine can be divided into parallel line vibration screening machine circular screening machine.

Basic principle of circular vibration screening machine:

S49-A series product vibration screening machine is a kind of high-precision ultra-fine powder vibrating screen. In addition, S49 series product vibration screening machine is also a technical professional vibrating screen with powder like traditional Chinese medicine flour, reduced iron powder, copper powder, nickel powder, etc. The ink mixer has low noise, high efficiency, it takes 3-5 minutes to rotate the screen quickly. It is a fully enclosed structure, which is suitable for screening raw materials such as granule, powder mucus.

Characteristics of circular vibration screening machine:

1. High efficiency, diesel mixer design exquisite durable, all kinds of powder, slime can be screened.

2. It is very easy to transfer network, easy to operate convenient to clean.

3. Mesh does block, powder does fly, sieve to 500 mesh 0.028 mm.

4. The residue roughage are discharged automatically can work continuously.

5. Unique spherical grid design scheme, stainless steel screen used for a long time, fast rotation, only 3-5 minutes.

6. Small size, does take up indoor space, easy to move.

7. The screening machine can achieve five layers, three layers are proposed.

The circular vibration screening machine can be manufactured in the following industries:

Petrochemical Industry: epoxy resin, architectural coatings, industrial production * *, skin care products, paint, Chinese medicine noodles, etc.

Food enterprises: fine granulated sugar, cassava starch, edible salt, rice paste, baby milk powder, bean paste, egg powder, soy sauce, fruit juice, etc. Metal materials, gold mining industry: aluminum oxide powder, lead powder, copper powder, iron ore, alloy powder, welding wire powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic nickel powder, electric permanent magnet material, grinding powder, refractory insulation material, kaolin, lime powder, aluminum oxide, heavy calcium carbonate, quartz sand, etc.

Ecological crisis solution: residual oil, sewage, printing dyeing wastewater, modifier, activated carbon, etc.



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