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Plastic vacuum suction machine

Plastic vacuum suction machine

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Powder equipment vacuum suction machine, also known as powder equipment vacuum conveyor, is a kind of clean closed pipeline conveying mechanical equipment relying on the adsorption force of vacuum pump to transport particles powder raw materials. Coal mixer uses the standard air pressure difference between vacuum pump indoor space of natural environment to generate steam fluidity in pipeline, promote fitness exercise of powder raw materials, then carry out powder design Spare transportation.

Powder equipment vacuum suction machine is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical plant, porcelain, concentrate feed, color paste, dye, agricultural products production scientific research industry. Because the machine equipment can greatly reduce the dust pollution in the production workshop, improve the cleanliness, significantly improve the production capacity, save a lot of human resources, it can be trusted.

the powder equipment vacuum suction machine is a closed air pressure dilute phase conveying mechanical equipment. The whole transportation process of screw mixer is carried out in the closed system software, which is easy to cause all powder equipment leakage. The actual operation staff do need to bear heavy energy transportation, enjoy a low noise office environment, can be used to transport all kinds of powder particles raw materials with good circulation Material!

With the rapid development trend of China's economy science technology progress, at this stage, the selection of pneumatic vacuum suction machine can immediately send raw materials vessels to mixer, tubular reactor, silo, powder tablet press, automatic packaging machine, vibrating screen, whole machine, wet granulator, dry granulator crusher. It improves the efficiency, relieves the human capital avoids the smoke pollution.



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