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1 ton mixer

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The torque of main motor of plastic granulator is too high

Root cause:

Common faults of oil intake system, poor alignment between output shaft of main motor inlet outlet shaft of reducer, vibration of motor clutch will destroy bearing of main motor cause high torque. In addition, excessive loading of asphalt mixture mixer poor melting of raw materials also cause high torque of main motor. Countermeasures:

Check clean the grease system software on time, measure the main motor bearing with vibration detector infrared thermometer, generate data map. If it exceeds the development trend value, measure whether the high-speed current output power value of the main motor is beyond the standard value, distinguish whether the rolling bearing is replaced by vertical disassembly. Regularly maintain the alignment between the output shaft of the main motor the input shaft of the reducer, check the alignment after the first driving replacing the rolling bearing for three months. Carry out electrical test check to find out the cause of motor rotor unbalance; carry out vibration speed test on clutch, if it exceeds the standard value, adjust the rotor dynamic balance again. Check the heating cooling system of the cylinder section on time, pour the mixer to ensure that the raw materials are evenly melted when heated. If the rated power curve of the main motor the working pressure curve of the solution expand instantly when the continuous extruder is driving, it means that the feeding amount of the feeding system software is too large for a moment, the feeding amount should be reduced.




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