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Drying suction machine

Drying suction machine

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The machine is equipped with high precision, strong wear-resistant carbon steel cone-shaped filter sleeve. On the top of the filter sleeve, there is an anti blocking single side solution filtration micro made of international high-depth processing machinery equipment The orifice plate fish ball mixer has the leading role of allowing the melting of plastic isolating the residue. In addition, the filter device is equipped with a trash removal scraper which operates in the same step. When the drum mixer is working, the residue dirt are left in the filter sleeve cavity the tiny pores. According to the impurity removal scraper, the residue is removed at a rate of 3-5 revolutions per minute pushed to the In the whole process, a part of the effective plastic which is pushed to the trash storage room by the message will return to the filter sleeve automatically along with the expansion of the working pressure of the miscellaneous storage room, so as to achieve the goal of continuous reciprocating filtering. After the residue in the storage room is deposited to a certain amount, the liquid level sensor will alarm inform the actual operators to discharge according to the manual trash removal organization In this way, the residue can be removed automatically by guiding the electric slag removal Organization (automatic non mesh die head), so as to achieve 24-hour continuous automatic slag removal without filter screen.



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