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1 ton heating vertical mixing cylinder

1 ton heating vertical mixing cylinder

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·The design scheme of the screen diverter of the plastic granulator designed by mill of Zhengzhou city is a four channel four pass filter screen structure. In addition, in addition, the material flow commodities are finally cut off, the transfer network is completed without shutdown

The design scheme has an exhaust system, which can fully remove the mixed vapor in the raw materials to be replaced porous structure plate, avoid the vapor generated in the whole process of the grid transfer, improve the quality of the product

·The larger design scheme of the four pass channel will increase the total area of the filter. The mortar King mixer considers the production requirements of higher production capacity higher quality

Large total area, suitable for extrusion production of different raw materials products

It has excellent sealing characteristics, rigidity long service life

·It has the function of charging exhaust pipe sewage treatment, which can ensure the continuity of goods in the whole process of network transfer

Increase production capacity of belt extruder, high production efficiency, suitable for continuous production of weapons

The overall design is effective, the actual operation is convenient the actual effect is high quality

According to the needs of users, it can design, produce process various specifications models

·Design scheme of protective cover with safety



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