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Precision vacuum suction machine

Precision vacuum suction machine

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① Double horizontal shaft agitator

The mixing process of double horizontal shaft agitator is only produced in the axial direction, but also in the center line direction. The main mixing area is located on the top of the mixing body. During the whole mixing process of the plastic mixer, the kinetic energy value along this direction should be large. Therefore, the forklift mixer can flexibly use the space in the mixing room, promote the stone, concrete water on the mixing blade circle with low speed (1.4 ~ 1.6m / s)? In the least time to achieve the most symmetrical mixing method, the actual effect of mixing.

② Single horizontal shaft agitator

The basic mixing principle of single horizontal shaft mixer is similar to that of self falling mixer. The rotation effect of mixing shaft (leaf) is to raise the concrete to a certain height width ratio, then make it fall at random to carry out the whole mixing process. Therefore, the capacity of single horizontal shaft mixer is smaller than that of basic theoretical design scheme in reasonable work, the aspect ratio of the whole equipment is much larger than that of double horizontal shaft mixer. In the production of roller compacted concrete, the specific productivity of single horizontal shaft mixer is lower than that of rated value.



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