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400 high grade powerful crusher

400 high grade powerful crusher

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Plastic plastic pelletizer is the most widely used popular equipment in the electronic industry. It is suitable for common waste plastics. The plastic plastic pelletizer can be divided into manual type full-automatic type. The following net knitting will briefly introduce the plastic plastic pelletizer.

1、 Characteristics of plastic granulator

1. After classification, crushing cleaning, all purchased materials can be produced without dehydration, drying drying, can be used for both dry wet.

2. Drum mixer raw materials crushing, cleaning, into the expected to make particles are automatic technology.

3. Drying mixer flexible use of high pressure friction continuous temperature system software, automatic heating production manufacturing, prevent continuous heating, energy saving, environmental protection energy saving.

4. The split type automatic power distribution system is selected to ensure the safety of the motor normal operation.

5. The screw barrel of extruder is made of imported high toughness high quality carbon steel, which is solid durable.

Composition of plastic granulator

Plastic granulator is composed of base, upper lower wall, motor, gear drive, stripper, hob, flapping knife, screen bucket other parts. The upper lower plate walls are placed on the base, the upper end gear transmission is used. The stripper, hob flapping knife are installed in the board wall, the motor screen bucket are installed in the base.




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