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400 economical pulverizer

400 economical pulverizer

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Common problems in application of plastic granulator:

1. When the plastic granulator is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating positions of the feeding port, feeding port, transmission belt transmission gear.

2. Before the application of the plastic granulator, the lubricating grease should be introduced to prevent the damage of the plastic granulator.

3. When the mixer is repairing stopping the plastic granulator, the switch power must be disconnected.

4. The mixer blade must operate the plastic granulator according to the appropriate standard to prevent equipment failure poor granulation effect.

Common faults root causes of general granulation:

1. The cut particles are uniform, too fine too thick. The causes may be as follows: (1) the extrusion speed is too fast too slow; (2) the gap between the motor rotors is very large; (3) the working pressure of the material pipe changes due to the loosening of the grinding tool components.

2. The reason is that: (1) the gap between the stages is very small; (2) the working pressure of the motor rotor is too high.

3. The cut particles contain a "small tail.". The reasons may be as follows: (1) the gap between the cutters is very large; (2) there is a gap between the stationary cutter the cutter; (3) the die temperature is too high during the whole granulation process; (4) the cutter profile is wrong.



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