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Gantry horizontal pelletizer

Gantry horizontal pelletizer

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Usg900h water plastic granulator is a kind of processing manufacturing equipment, which cuts the melt into solid particles. The polyester melter is extruded into a strand belt by casting leading the filament strand. The strand belt enters into a part of the guide strip along with a level flow starting device with overflow water. In the skewed guiding groove, the surface layer of the strand is transported to the plastic granulator by overflow water self spraying cooling water. The rotating speed of the mixer is in the plastic granulator, the cooled wire strand belt bundle on the surface layer is brought into the laser cutting chamber by the traction of the front rear feeding rollers, is cut into particles between the fixed cutter the rolling cutter. The particles to be cut are pushed by water into the drying oven through the discharge bin the conveying pipeline for drying.

Starting standard for plastic pelletizer starter

The cover of laser cutting chamber is clamped tightly, the guiding equipment is timely, the isolating switch of each motor control circuit is closed, the thermal load automobile relay is normal, the soft starter is normal, after the plastic granulator is started, the rolling cutter feeding shaft rotate normally. If the standards are met, the plastic granulator cannot be started. After the plastic granulator is in operation the working pressure of the pneumatic valve is normal, the optical detection of the wire strand material strip is normal, the overflow water the output water volume are normal, the starting head can reach the working position. If all the common faults of centrifugal mixer occur during the whole process of equipment operation, the software posture of interlocking franchise system will be made, the display light of "common fault alarm" will flash.

Five proximity switches are installed in different parts of the plastic granulator to detect the situation of laser cutting chamber cover, the working attitude of laser cutting chamber clamping cylinder, the position of guiding equipment. Two magnetic induction switches are installed on the starting head cylinder to detect the "working" "waste discharge" parts of the starting head. Two pairs of photoelectric sensors are installed on the top of the starting head to detect the condition of the wire strand.



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