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Stainless steel screw feeder with 2m vertical height

Stainless steel screw feeder with 2m vertical height

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Bendable screw conveyor

Ls-a bendable screw conveyor


The belt conveyor is made of flexible cocci as the transportation component. The screw conveyor can be used for immediate transportation, the frame mixer can also be bent for transportation. The height width ratio of vertical transportation can reach 10 meters, the horizontal parallel line transportation can reach 20 meters.

This equipment has great advantages. In more than ten minutes, the belt conveyor will be disintegrated cleaned by one person. It is difficult for screw conveyor to produce grease air pollution material in the whole process of transporting raw materials. If several belt conveyors are connected in series, it can transport higher longer distance.

The equivalent circuit of LS type screw feeder (hereinafter referred to as the screw machine) adopts iso1050-75 specification. The design manufacture conform to the technical specification of zbj81005.1 ~ 2-88 "LS type screw conveyor". Compared with GX screw conveyor, the reducer mixer has a novel structure performance index. The head tail end rolling bearings are moved to the outside of the cover, the rolling bearings of the middle crane are selected to flip drag the exchangeable two The hydraulic sealing parts are made of polyester plastic, with low friction resistance, strong airtightness good wear resistance. The drag bearing has copper cast tile with lubricating fluid, aluminum alloy wear-resistant pig iron tile copper base high-purity graphite low oil lubricated tile. The cleaning equipment is set at the feed end. The whole equipment has strong adaptability, low noise, simple operation maintenance, material in out According to the customer's need, the off axis alarm system can be installed.

Screw feeder is a kind of continuous conveying mechanical equipment without disturbing traction belt prefabricated components. It uses the rotating screw type to change the transported raw materials along the fixed shell for the surface layer. In the transportation work, the situation is like that the raw materials will rotate together with the spiral type, as if they were holding the non rotating screw cap doing translation transformation exercise along the ball screw The energy is the force of the raw material the friction of the shell against the raw material.



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