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50kg stainless steel mobile bucket

50kg stainless steel mobile bucket

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Common in cassava starch production processing production line drying stage of mechanical equipment key are: vacuum pump cylinder screen dehydrator price, self dumping scraper centrifuge three foot centrifugal dehydrator.

Tripod centrifugal dehydrator

Tripod centrifugal dehydrator, also known as tripod centrifugal dehydrator, is famous for its three column bases at the bottom end, which are arranged by the method of bisection triangle. Tripod centrifugal dehydrator is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment. It is mainly used to separate the solid in the liquid the liquid in the solid state.

Principle: according to the strong centripetal force caused by high-speed operation, the centrifugal separator index is generally thousands of times that of gravity acceleration, so the rapid separation of raw materials can be completed. However, due to different raw material characteristics, spiral belt mixer has produced a variety of different specifications models of centrifugal dehydrators. Generally, the centrifugal speed of solid-state liquid separation is below 3000 rpm, the particles are more accurate. The solution with smaller relative density difference of conical mixer must be separated by rotating speed than the centrifugal dehydrator in the middle of 8000 ~ 30000 For example, the extraction separation of uranium must be carried out by centrifugal dehydrators with higher speed.




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