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5T customized vertical mixing cylinder

5T customized vertical mixing cylinder

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HMZ ceramic grinding superfine grinder

HMZ series ceramic mortar ultra-fine pulverizer is based on fully digesting absorbing the essence of the traditional grinding equipment, integrates into the contemporary design concept. It improves the grinding precision grinding efficiency by a thousand times, adds functions that traditional equipment can't have, making it a special tool for mass production grinding. The equipment adopts the method of simulating artificial service grinding. The grinding hammer rotates rotates at a constant speed along the motion track of the bowl body to continuously grind the raw materials. The particle size distribution of the feed is uniform, the particle size is below 1um (above 10000 mesh). In addition, it is easy to raise the temperature during the whole grinding process. It is also universal for dry milling wet grinding. The ceramic mortar grinding hammer of the mechanical equipment are made of 99.99% purity porcelain. The surface of raw materials for the mixer is of high purity. Therefore, the purity of raw materials milled out by the experimental mixer is very high. The U-shaped mortar also ensures the total contact area of the grinding hammer, which makes the lower surface of the mortar fully contact with the grinding hammer. The relativity between the uniform rotation speed the revolution speed of the grinding hammer is relatively slow, which ensures that the raw materials are easy to be thrown out flying all over the sky, the raw materials are well dispersed symmetrical, the powder particle size is high. According to the setting time of the automatic control system, the longer the time, the powder shape The more dense. It can be widely used in the fine grinding of raw materials for small large batch production in porcelain, petrochemical industry, laboratory processing plant, instead of manual grinding, saving human resources further improving the grinding time.



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