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500 kg stainless steel vertical mixing tank

500 kg stainless steel vertical mixing tank

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HMC outer wall mill crusher

It is a Book Integrating the interaction of mechanical equipment raw material flow. It has excellent crushing ability for most raw materials. It can achieve 90 gauge μ m level crushing, some of them can achieve submicron level. Especially for chemical fiber raw materials, the actual crushing effect is excellent. It can also solve the high fiber firm raw materials that the basic crusher can't solve A lot of production. The equipment is connected with the software of large medium-sized powder collection system. The stainless steel mixer can continue to work, the flat end mixer can complete large-scale production. The equipment is harmed by uniform circular motion, raw materials will exercise along the axial direction reach the upper edge of the circle. The grinding wall is set up on the upper edge of the circle, the rolling cutting is carried out with a strong roller, thus obtaining a huge total working area working efficiency. It is widely used in chemical plants, dyeing agents, architectural coatings, traditional Chinese medicine, fertilizer, concentrate feed, fiber materials, plastics, reclaimed rubber, mining enterprises, rare metals other manufacturing industries. It is an excellent choice for multi manufacturing industries.



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