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500 kg heating mixer

500 kg heating mixer

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Chain plate conveyor: it is a kind of transmission industrial equipment using chain plate as carrier. The ball screw is installed in the front rear of the transport support frame, which is simple convenient. It is a new type of chain plate conveyor which can adjust the height width ratio. The chain plate conveyor uses the metal material transmission chain without maintenance rate as the transport carrier, so it has a long service life. The hand-held mixer can transport powdery raw materials quickly transport into large boxes. The principle is: use the motor to create the driving force, then push the sprocket chain on the gear shaft to rotate. The chain wheel drives the drive chain to run again again, the drive chain drives the conveyor belt to run again again. The conveyor belt of large-scale mixer can stably continuously transport raw materials articles.

The pelletizer is a kind of machine equipment that can carry out immediate plastic processing for waste thermosetting plastic film products with wall thickness less than 2mm. It can carry out granulation on soft polyethylene, high pressure low pressure high pressure polyethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene its waste products plastic film of thermosetting plastics, also can carry out plastic processing for waste products of polyurethane foam polyethylene.



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