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Vertical mixing cylinder with forced feeding

Vertical mixing cylinder with forced feeding

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1. Plastic crusher driving power generator set should be installed firmly. If the plastic crusher must be fixed for a long time, it should be fixed on the concrete; if the plastic crusher must work in fluidity, the generator set should be installed on the motor shaft made of angle steel, ensure that the belt groove of engine (diesel engine motor) plastic crusher are in the same rotating plan.

2. After the plastic crusher is installed, check the tightening condition of each standard part. If there is looseness, it should be tightened. In addition, the automatic mixer should check whether the belt tightness is suitable.

3. Before starting up the plastic crusher, rotate the motor rotor with force, check whether the claw, hammer motor rotor run smoothly reliably, whether there is impact in the crushing room, whether the mixer is installed, whether the rotation direction of the motor rotor is consistent with the machine arrow symbol, whether the engine plastic crusher moistening are excellent.

4. It is necessary to dismantle replace the belt pulley at will, so as to prevent the explosion of the crushing chamber caused by the high speed ratio, the working efficiency of the crusher will be damaged by the too low speed ratio.

5. After the plastic crusher is started, it should be kept at high speed for 2 ~ 3min, then the material is fed when there is no abnormal condition.

6. Pay attention to the operation status of the plastic crusher at any time place. The feeding should be balanced to prevent blocking the edge material chamber. Secondly, it is necessary to overload for a long time. If you find vibration, noise, rolling bearing human body temperature is too high, spraying materials other conditions, you should immediately shut down the machine for inspection, then you can work again after fault detection



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