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Large storage bucket

Large storage bucket

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Round knife grinder

Flat crusher is suitable for recycling of plastic such as box, thin pipe, injection molding parts, bottle, shell, etc. The crusher is easy to operate, simple convenient to change the cutter, the broad structure of flat knife is suitable for crushing large volume of thick wall thin material goods, Panasonic mixer improves the crushing efficiency; the safety design scheme of motor control is set up, the silo structure is selected, the sound-absorbing material is filled in, the motor is equipped with overload protection equipment switch power supply chain to join the system software to ensure that the machine equipment have Good safety factor environmental protection, power saving durable.

1. Steel automatic welding machine base, durable.

2. Easy to disassemble design, easy to clean overhaul.

3. Imported Ming steel cutting tool, sharp edge, easy to remove replace, long durable.

4. It is very easy to crush all kinds of soft hard plastics.

5. The soybean dregs mixer is equipped with the software of motor over planting electric interlocking franchise maintenance system to ensure safe application.

6. The small server is equipped with movable pulley, which is convenient to move, the medium-sized computer has the convenient time posture of water cooling system.

7. Stainless steel screen with different NC blades different holes can be selected.



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