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1 ton storage barrel

1 ton storage barrel

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The utility model discloses a discharging barrel feeding equipment, which relates to a chemical plant feeding machine equipment, including an automatic filling machine itself, a strong mixer automatic filling machine itself including a can filling head its mounting frame, the mounting frame comprises a clamping part a loading part for placing the discharging bucket, a disturbing cover is arranged on the clamping part, an installation cavity is generated between the clamping part the disturbing cover, the can filling head is installed on the clamping part The breathing equipment of the double screw mixer includes the air pressure pipe connected with the installation chamber the deodorization organization connected with the air pressure pipe. The disturbing cover sets up the feeding protective mask of the discharging bucket, the air pressure pipe sucks most of the irritant smell caused by the filling process of the canning head into the pipeline Then, the stimulating taste is transported to the deodorization organization to digest absorb the pungent taste, then the odor free flavor is discharged, so as to reduce the inhalation of stimulating flavor components by the staff on the spot reduce the harm to the respiratory system.



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