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Iron hopper of iron removal  feeding machine

Iron hopper of iron removal feeding machine

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Crusher is a kind of mechanical equipment which can crush large size solid raw materials to a certain specification. Vacuum mixer, originated the traditional crushing technology with a long history, has been widely used in many industries such as food, chemical plant, pharmaceutical industry, skin care products, chemical fertilizer, dye, architectural coating, mining, decorative building materials, electronic devices, aerospace, etc.

According to the D90 specification of the required raw material granularity (90% of the raw materials have the predetermined size), the crusher can be divided into crusher (below 60 mesh), crusher (60-120 mesh), ultra-fine crusher (120-300 mesh), ultra-fine pulverizer (above 300 mesh). There are four kinds of external forces released by cement mortar mixer in the whole crushing process: cutting, impact (severe blow), rolling grinding. Cutting key is used in crushing crushing, applicable to raw materials with ductility chemical fiber block raw materials; impact (severe strike) key is used for crushing depolymerization, suitable for crushing ductile raw materials; rolling key is in high particle crushing (ultra-fine powder) work, suitable for most characteristics of raw materials to carry out ultra-fine powder work; grinding The key of grinding is superfine grinding superfine powder machine equipment, which is suitable for ultra-fine powder after medium size crushing. In the specific process of crushing, there are several kinds of external forces with other functions.



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