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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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The screw feeder can adjust the feeding amount according to which aspect of adjustment

2020-07-16 17:44:55

Screw feeding machine is one of the indispensable production line equipment in the production manufacture of sand stone materials. We know that only by working hard can we give stronger ones

1、 Adjust the amplitude of screw feeder. Within the range of the rated amplitude, the amplitude can be adjusted immediately according to the rotary potentiometer knob the input of the data signal of the automatic control system, so as to adjust the feeding amount of the feeder in a non polar way.

2、 Adjust the opening degree of the water gate of the hopper, change the thickness of the material layer, adjust the feeding amount.

3、 Under the condition of ensuring feeding precision, the faster the feeding rate of each feeder, the better. However, in the application of automatic technology of several feeders, the feeding rate of these feeders should be matched with each other, so that all kinds of raw materials can be mixed evenly.

4、 The working capacity of the feeder of the precision vacuum suction machine is directly proportional to the amplitude, so increasing the amplitude can improve the working capacity of the feeder, but that will destroy the particles of raw materials, so the amplitude is generally controlled within 0.5-1.5mm.

5、 In the whole process of feeder operation, it is necessary to check the amplitude of feeder slot the current of electromagnetic coil. If the plate spring is tight, the anchor bolt is loose the plate spring is broken, the magnetic density between the transformer core the current coil changes collides, it should be solved immediately.

6、 When the feeder is just running, the inspection frequency should be increased appropriately. Pay close attention to the noise of the feeder. If the noise suddenly increases, carefully observe the cause. The sealing cover of vibrator must be well covered to prevent the gap in the middle of leaf spring blocking.



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