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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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Equipment installation of plastic mixing cylinder

2020-07-16 17:16:59

1. Please check whether the plastic mixing equipment is seriously damaged deformed during transportation, check whether the standard parts of the equipment are loose, contact our enterprise immediately!

2. Please the method of embedded anchor screw to install the equipment on a firm basis.

3. Under the specific guidance of professionals, please carry out the proper installation of equipment, electrical control system equipment spare parts, check whether the pipeline is unobstructed, whether the instrument panel is installed properly whether there is damage. Before starting the equipment, please check whether there are people objects inside outside the equipment nearby that affect the normal operation of the equipment, so as to prevent risks.

4. After the vertical mixer is installed, please carry out the test run for several seconds to make sure that there is no electrical equipment short circuit fault abnormal noise before the short-term test run. 5. If the mixing cylinder is equipped with mechanical seal, before the server starts, the machine seal lubrication tank must be introduced with appropriate 10 μ m lubricating grease, the cooling circulating water must be entered into the refrigeration chamber of the mechanical seal to facilitate the mechanical seal equipment to obtain Excellent moistening refrigeration. If the mechanical seal is adjusted in the original factory, adjust the position of the mechanical seal according to the installation operation manual after the installation, then everything can run normally (according to the customer's requirement).

6. After all normal operation of the equipment, please check the rolling bearing temperature, operation stability, airtightness, etc., whether the instrument panel is normal. After confirming that everything is normal, the feeding operation can be carried out. (in case of any abnormality, please contact our company immediately



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