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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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Working principle structure of horizontal plastic mixer

2020-06-04 11:00:31

The principle of the pre plastic chamber machine is that a pair of matched rotating leaves (generally in Z shape) cause obvious cutting effect, then air dried carbon asphalt other raw materials are evenly mixed. Kneading machine is the main equipment for producing electrode paste, anodic oxide paste, graphitized electric grade various carbon products. It is suitable for mixing raw materials such as stone coal tar, leached coke, cast coke anthracite. The particle size distribution of the mixed raw materials ranges 4 to 15 mm.

The key structure of the pre plastic chamber machine is composed of five parts: kneading part, motor shaft part, hydraulic transmission system, transmission device electronic control system. Mixer manufacturers knead part of the engine block, pulp shaft, plate wall, cylinder head, etc. The hydraulic transmission system is controlled by a hydraulic system to open close the large hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic transmission system is controlled by a hydraulic system to open close the large cover, close the flap hook other functions; the electronic control system has manual automatic electronic control system, which is selected specified by customers at will, the actual operation is convenient reliable. The transmission device is composed of motor, reducer transmission gear. The motor is equipped according to the model specification of kneading machine. In the whole process of the transmission system, the speed ratio of the motor can be adjusted by the elastic coupling to the reducer, then the transmission system of the output equipment can be used to achieve the required speed ratio, the speed can be changed by the soft starter.

Mechanical structure design is the step of the production of plastic injection molding machinery equipment, it is the key factor to determine the characteristics of injection molding machine equipment. The roller type plastic mixer manufacturer plays a key role in the plastic injection engineering project. The green environmental protection design of drum mixer manufacturer refers to the design scheme orientation of the recyclable system of the commodity during the whole life cycle the development design to the solution, so as to reduce the damage of the design products to the natural environment in many ways, ensure the function, service life quality of the products as far as possible. In the design of extruder products, we must adhere to the core concept of emerald green, in addition, there should be relative policy measures to carry out assistance, such as certain policy support, talent application, high-tech application, etc.

1. Increase the scope of green environmental protection design talents, especially increase the shaping of students in Vocational Colleges secondary vocational colleges, so that they can grasp the green design concept;

2. To enhance the policy support for emerald green design products, government departments should formulate relative rules regulations, advocate green environmental protection design emerald green environmental protection concept, enhance the supervision of social development masses on extruder design scheme;

3. It is necessary to improve the technological innovation, improve the processing process planning scheme of extruder design scheme, technical, such as virtual design scheme, carry out independent innovation of extruder product design.



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