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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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Brief introduction function analysis of horizontal plastic mixer in laboratory

2020-06-04 10:56:11

Laboratory Mixer is a small medium-sized open mixer. The rubber mixing machine in the laboratory uses cold hard pig iron rollers. The mortar mixer can adjust the roller temperature according to the cooling circulating water steam entering into the roller, use simple electric heater to raise the temperature. The equipment has low operating cost energy saving. Easy to install, compact structure, high utilization rate. Laboratory mixer can be divided into two types: electric heater Laboratory Mixer water cooler laboratory mixer. Electric heater laboratory mixer is mainly used for high-temperature raw materials such as rubber compound, PVC, EVA, kaolin, etc., while water cooler laboratory mixer is used for rubber mixing sheet production of vulcanized rubber.

Main uses of internal mixer:

1. Plasticizing, crushing, cleaning pressing candy;

2. Elimination of the residue in the compound of plastic granules, pressed candy plastic granules;

3. Hot mixing supply of rubber;

4. Crushing of reclaimed rubber, mixing rubber, pressing candy. In addition, cement mixer is widely used in plastic granulation industrial production of paint paste. The main use of internal mixer is still very common, now it is used in many aspects. 5. Internal mixer is a necessary machine equipment. Because the project investment of the chamber machine is large the main use of the chamber machine is as common as the internal mixer.

6. Some rubber compounds with strong heat sensitivity can prevent rubber vulcanization at the initial stage, but it is conducive to heat dissipation of heat pipe. It is necessary to use internal mixer to mix rubber.

7. Some manufacturers mix all kinds of plastic particles with different colors, which are easy to clean with internal mixer.

8. Vulcanized rubber with unique main application, such as nitrile lifting rubber

The internal mixer can be replaced by the chamber mixer, but it is still of practical significance.

Improvement of double image rubber mixer in manufacturing technology

1: Technical improvement of powder leakage:

1. The design scheme has two layers to stop leakage complete the basic principle of 90 ° secondary angle. The feed mixer greatly reduces the probability of powder leakage increases the time of powder leakage;

2. Rubber seals are wear-resistant, easy to maintain, easy to deformation, strong ductility;

3. It has improved the air pollution of materials the preparation of raw materials due to powder leakage in the manufacturing industry, thus endangering the product quality.

2: Decentralized technical improvement:

The motor rotor the weight of the internal mixing room adopt the charging design scheme. The raw materials of the secret recipe move in the mixing room in a curved way, so as to ensure that the raw materials can be mixed, cut, extruded kneaded in all blind areas of the mixing room, so as to make the raw materials mix evenly achieve a good practical effect of decentralization.

1. The mixing tank is made of imported carbon steel, the surface layer is solved by wear-resistant steel plate plated with hard chromium.

2. The transmission shaft is forged with imported carbon steel heat treated by quenching tempering treatment, which can be eliminated for three days to ensure high strength, high bearing capacity, strong torque, continuous shaft stable transmission system;

3. Rotating blade: for imported carbon steel spray welding - high precision grinding polishing - nitriding - hard chromium plating on the surface to ensure wear resistance.

3: Technical improvement of temperature control:

1. The temperature system software of the automatic control system is closely combined with the time automatic control system to make the temperature practical operation easy to understand. In order to increase decrease the temperature, it is necessary to change the operating temperature rapidly to ensure the good practical effect working efficiency of the raw material rubber mixture dispersion;

2. All the household appliances on the secret room machine are imported ones to ensure the reliability of the machine equipment.



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