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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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Structure design of complete equipment system for horizontal plastic mixer

2020-06-04 10:51:41

The system architecture of the terminal software for the whole process of extruder mechanical equipment development design is only suitable for the model implementation of the whole process, but also suitable for the measurement, analysis, improvement error handling of the whole process. During the overall design, there are several key links conception to completion of extruder

1. Planning link

The key to planning is market research. The overall design in this link, the plastic mixer Market key reflects in the technical investigation in the market survey. Technical investigation includes structure investigation, processing technology investigation raw material investigation. Whether an extruder mechanical equipment can complete its function depends on the technical nature of the commodity, which is supported by the excellent structure. In addition, the completion of the structure must also cooperate with the manufacturing process raw materials.

2. Design concept

The prototype of extrusion mechanism appears in the design concept. Such occurrences are announced, such as in manuscripts, action diagrams, early prototypes of the definition design phase. The size of the plastic mixer is general, the technical improvement of the basic commodity determines the extrusion mechanism, which is completely defined in the design stage system software level design scheme. When the new commodity is an improvement of the existing commodity definition, the extrusion mechanism is defined in the commodity definition.

3. Product modeling design

In order to achieve the final use value spiritual essence use value of the commodity, the overall design of the extruder must be closely linked with the product appearance design in the process of product modeling design. If the product appearance has been precisely positioned in the definition process, the structural designer must cooperate with each other in the relative modeling design, reasonably layout the internal structure to complete the function of the commodity.

4. Technological links

The key of process technology includes process technology commodity development. Its contents include industrial touch screen analysis, material analysis, production process rationalization analysis, application rationalization analysis organization certification of hand model products. It is a key link in the improvement of extrusion mechanism. At this time, the overall design should only support the requirements of product function, but also consider the requirements of extruder itself.



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