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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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Function characteristics of distance adjusting device for vertical plastic mixer

2020-06-04 10:47:29

The distance adjusting equipment of internal mixer is used to adjust the interval between two rollers to obtain Due to the different roller spacing, the plastic mixer factory will cause different transverse working pressure in the whole process of rubber mixing because of the change of roller spacing. The self heating plastic mixer makes the fracture level temperature rise of the molecular structure chain of plastic particles different, so as to consider the different processing technology requirements of various plastic particles. Therefore, the stability of the distance adjusting equipment will immediately damage the actual effect of the final rubber mixing the quality of the commodity.

At present, there are several kinds of basic ways of distance adjustment equipment widely used in domestic internal mixer machinery equipment: hand pull type, pneumatic type hand electric type integrated type.

Although these three kinds of structure can achieve the goal of distance adjustment in application, there are defects deficiencies in the characteristics: manual distance adjustment has high labor efficiency, can be adjusted under the standard of load; the level of electric distance adjustment is weak can be accurately positioned; the manual electric integrated distance adjustment equipment is good enough.

The defects of the two methods are satisfied, but the actual operation is more complicated, like the first two methods, the provisions of the test standards can be considered. Therefore, in order to improve the performance index of the internal mixer, to consider the provisions of the new test standard, it is necessary to carry out the development design of new distance adjustment method.

If the roller spacing is adjusted again, the continuity of production product quality will be harmed. Moreover, the continuous innovation of tire production process secret recipe of waste plastic mixer will greatly improve the strength of plastic particles, the impact on machinery equipment will be greater, especially in the winter season in northern China, under the severe cold climate conditions The strength of plastic particles is obviously enhanced, many Because of the lack of machinery equipment for heating the plastic particles, the cold film is often applied to the internal mixer immediately. The sudden change of load will cause great impact to the mechanical equipment, the frequency of safety chip crushing will be relatively increased, which often leads to frequent production interruption, sometimes even harms the production line manufacturing the end result is inconvenience to customers. Therefore, the pedal type distance adjustment equipment can be integrated into this kind of office environment the development trend of vulcanized rubber industry production, so it should be upgraded.



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