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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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Analysis on leakage treatment of joint surface of horizontal plastic mixer

2020-06-04 10:45:11

In the whole process of long-term operation of the chamber machine, due to the hazards of vibration, damage, working pressure, temperature its continuous disassembly, the filling sealing position of each fusion surface is very easy to leak, which only causes a lot of luxury waste of product oil, but also endangers the company's construction site management.

The traditional method of plastic mixer type selection treatment of leakage in the chamber machine is to dismantle open the chamber machine, then replace the sealing gasket wipe the sealant. However, it is time-consuming laborious, the actual sealing effect cannot be guaranteed, the leakage will occur again in the operation. The modern new maintenance methods mostly use polymer materials. In order to improve the technical management system of meijiahua, which has excellent adhesion, wear resistance 350% elongation, the multi-type plastic mixer can repair the water leakage position without disassembly assembly under the premise of harming the production manufacturing development, so as to achieve the goal of re sealing obvious economic benefits. Fiber material treatment sealant fusion surface water leakage, main motor water cooling unit cooling tower tube side leakage

The cylinder of the cooling tower of the chamber machine is damaged by materials welding stress, which is prone to water leakage erosion. Meijiahua fiber material is selected for repair maintenance of Jinsui plastic mixer, which has excellent adhesion characteristics, temperature resistance chemical corrosion resistance. the raw material is solid, no volatile chemicals, can be safely applied in closed natural environment without easy to close. The excellent protection of raw materials against double electrochemical corrosion corrosion resistance characteristics, the source to avoid the corrosion leakage of the chamber machine repair position, PU polyurethane equipment shows a long-term maintenance coating for the components, gradually replaces the traditional way in the application of repairing the leakage of the chamber machine in China.



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