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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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How to make mixer achieve good plasticizing effect

2020-06-04 10:26:58

How to make the small medium-sized chamber machine achieve good practical effect of plastic refining

1: Plastic mixer motor rotor speed ratio: the faster the sub speed, the greater the heat, air oxidation cracking is also faster faster, plastic refining effect is very good, plastic refining time is reduced.

2: Temperature: with the increase of temperature, causticization cracking is fast plasticizing effect is very good. However, too high temperature leads to the excessive cracking of the molecular structure of vulcanized rubber the decrease of physical physical properties. The sodium temperature of natural rubber is generally controlled at 140 ℃ - 160 ℃, while that of styrene butadiene rubber is controlled at 140 ℃. In general, there is no need for chamber molding. At the mixing temperature, the actual effect of plasticizing can be obtained, but it will be converted into suspected glue.

3: Time: the plasticization of plastic mixer is different that of internal mixer. The plasticity of raw rubber maintained by plastic mixer will continue to expand with the increase of plasticizing time in chamber machine. Therefore, the formulation of rubber mixing standards is mainly based on the provisions of plasticity to determine the appropriate plasticizing time.

4: Rubber loading amount working pressure of the top bolt: too small glue loading leads to low actual plasticizing effect. If too much glue is filled, the raw rubber will be well proportioned, the sodium temperature will be too high. In addition, the machine equipment can be overloaded easy to be destroyed. In the whole process of plastic refining in the chamber, the upper top bolt must be charged with plastic particles to ensure the excellent practical effect of plastic refining. The actual effect of plastic mixing will expand with the increase of working pressure of upper top bolt when the plastic mixer is used to discharge materials within a certain range.

In the production manufacturing operation of internal mixer, the vibration impact other complex force effect will always appear the rolling bearing chamber damage other common faults There are spray welding, thermal spraying, carbon brush, etc., but there are some disadvantages: welding stress caused by welding high temperature can be completely removed, which will easily lead to material damage bending fracture of components; brush plating is very easy to fall off due to the limitation of coating thickness All metal materials are repaired with metal materials. It is impossible to change the "hard to hard" mutual coordination relationship, which will lead to re damage under the comprehensive effect of various forces.

Nowadays, the western countries mostly choose the repair method of polymer materials for the rolling bearing chamber of internal mixer, the technical management system of Fushi blue is more used, which has strong adhesion, excellent tensile strength other comprehensive functions, which can be disassembled free of mechanical processing. There is no welding stress hazard, the repair thickness is limited. In addition, the tolerance of metal composite materials can digest absorb the impact vibration of machinery equipment to prevent re damage.



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