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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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Why the screw barrel of horizontal plastic mixer twin screw granulator are damaged?

2020-06-04 09:50:01

The most important components of single screw plastic granulator are extruder screw barrel.

The screw of extruder rotates in the barrel, the friction between raw materials the two causes the surface layer of extruder screw barrel of single screw plastic granulator to be damaged slowly; the diameter of extruder screw decreases slowly, the diameter of internal thread of barrel increases slowly. As a result, the diameter gap between the screw the barrel increases with the gradual damage of the two. However, because the friction resistance of the engine the separation plate in front of the barrel has been changed, the total leakage flow of the flame retardant plastic raw material is increased, that is, the flow rate of the raw material the diameter gap to the feeding direction is increased. As a result, the total output of single screw plastic granulator was reduced. This kind of situation makes the waiting time of raw materials in the barrel increase, leading to the dissolution of raw materials. In the case of high-pressure polyethylene, hydrogen chloride gas caused by dissolution increases the erosion of extruder screw barrel.

The disadvantage of plastic mixer is the second. If the raw material is melted evenly, there is metal material dirty things seeping into the material, the screw rotation torque of the extruder is suddenly increased. This kind of torque exceeds the strength limit of the extruder screw, the extruder screw is broken. It is a kind of non-traditional safety accident damage.

Secondly, if there are calcium bicarbonate glass fiber fillers in raw materials, it can also accelerate the damage of screw barrel of single screw plastic granulator. (low smoke halogen free plastic granulator)

So for that kind of damage, how to repair the single screw plastic granulator?

1. After solving the problem of damage to the surface of external thread with smaller diameter of extruder screw, thermal spraying wear-resistant aluminum alloy, plastic mixer reducer is then processed to specification through cutting production. Single screw plastic granulator this kind of way is generally a technical professional spraying factory to produce processing repair, the cost is relatively low.

2. The screw of single screw plastic granulator extruder can also be repaired by hard chromium plating on the surface. Chromium is also a wear-resistant corrosion-resistant metal material, but the hard chromium layer is easy to fall off.

3. Build up the wear-resistant aluminum alloy on part of the external thread of the extruder screw. According to the damaged screw of extruder, spray weld 1 ~ 3mm thick, then cut process the extruder screw to specification. This kind of wear-resistant aluminum alloy is composed of C, Cr, VI, Co, W B raw materials, which improves the wear resistance corrosion resistance of extruder screw.



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