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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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How to solve the problem of internal blockage of extruder barrel screw by mixer manufacturer?

2020-06-04 09:46:02

In the case of single screw extrusion for plastic granulators, it often occurs that the raw materials are blocked in the barrel due to the excessive use of calcium bicarbonate, even the extruder screw can rotate. What is the cause of this situation? How to solve it?

In fact, the blockage of extruder screw in barrel extruder is mostly caused by dirt inside, so what we have to do is to remove the dirt. The circular plastic mixer can raise the temperature of the material barrel, melt the material, insulate the material for a period of time, start gradually, but pay attention to the operating temperature. If the material is burnt, it will be easy to do. Second, if it still doesn't move, you can distinguish consider whether it's hard to eat get stuck in the front-end development (because the screw groove is getting shallower). If it is clear that there is no hard block, then remove the extruder screw barrel together, use the hydraulic jack to push (the booster area welded on the barrel) while heating. Generally, it can be ejected. But if into the hard block, the feed end forget to feed the top. If , the foundation can be damaged. That is to say, the plastic inside of the liquid mixer will also be damaged if it is forced to eject by strange force, which will damage all normal production manufacturing. (single screw plastic granulator)

If you are producing high-pressure polyethylene, if the plastic mixer recycling barrel extruder screw block, you can 1. Open the mouth of unnecessary raw materials clean. 2. The cooling circulating water jacket around the opening is discharged to the cooling circulating water, then the heating pad is installed for heating (if it is convenient to remove the cooling circulating water jacket), the raw materials in this section are heated dissolved. 3. Raise the temperature of all the barrel to 260 ℃ raise the temperature for at least 2 hours. 4. Start the extruder screw, slowly speed up, pay attention to the galvanometer the speedometer of the extruder. If it is found that only the current count increases but the speedometer does increase, it is necessary to reduce the speed change knob to prevent the motor current being too high. If it is found that the current is reduced, it can be accelerated moderately. If it's good, you can use big pipe tongs self-made crowbar to open the brake manually. You can turn it over for several weeks, then start the server to flush many circulation systems. But if the operation is easy to screw off the extruder screw smolder the motor, in addition to the risks in this respect, it is easy to cause great harm to the extruder, which can be dealt with. (low smoke halogen free plastic granulator)



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