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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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Characteristics of plastic granulator made by blender manufacturer maintenance methods for common faults

2020-06-04 09:43:26

Characteristics of plastic granulator: after the plastic is added into the silo, it falls into the extruder screw smoothly. The screw type plastic mixer is bitten by the external thread of the extruder screw. With the rotation of the extruder screw, it is forced to push towards the engine by the external thread, forming a whole process of mechanical equipment transportation. When the plastic is running the feeding port to the engine, because of the deep reduction of the external thread of the extruder screw the existence of the friction resistance of the filter screen, separation plate engine, a high working pressure is generated in the whole process of plastic melting, which makes the raw materials compact improves the thermal conductivity of the plastic, which is conducive to the rapid melting of the plastic the gradual improvement of the process Pressure is applied to make the vapor previously stored in the middle of the particles to be discharged the vent hole. (high filling recycled plastic granulator)

Common faults maintenance methods of plastic granulator

Common fault one: server current is stable, resulting in uneven feeding, main motor bearing damage poor lubrication, no heating. The first section of the electric heater is working the phase difference is correct, the screw adjusting pad of the impeller extruder of the plastic mixer is correct, the parts intervene.

Maintenance mode: fault detection, inspection of feeder, replacement of rolling bearing if necessary. The main motor of old horizontal plastic mixer should be repaired replaced if necessary. Check whether all electric heaters are in normal operation, pull out the extruder screw, check whether the extruder screw has diffraction phenomenon, check the adjusting pad (PVC cable material plastic granulator).

Common fault 2: the main motor can be started, the driving order is wrong, should check whether the broken fuse is burned; the main motor process is good;

Maintenance mode: drive again according to the proper driving order, check the power supply circuit of the main motor, check the interlocking equipment related to the main motor. The gasoline pump does work, check whether the lubricating pump is started. If the motor cannot be started, turn off the main switch power supply wait for five minutes to restart. If the induced current of the soft starter is discharged, check whether the emergency stop switch is calibrated. (low smoke halogen free plastic granulator)

Common fault 3: blocked blocked engine feed, poor melting of raw materials, a section of electric heater is working the relative molecular weight of plastic is all over the width.

Maintenance mode: the working temperature is slightly lower unstable. There will be dirt that doesn't melt easily.



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