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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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The auxiliary device of horizontal plastic mixer twin screw extruder the cause of unstable current?

2020-06-04 09:40:37

Heating equipment:

Core heating is necessary for insulation extrusion sheath extrusion. For the cable sheath, especially the chromatographic insulation layer, the plastic mixer motor can allow the existence of air holes, the core can be heated according to high temperature before extrusion to eliminate the moisture oil stains on the surface. For the extrusion of the sheath, the key effect depends on the air drying of the cable core, so as to avoid the occurrence of air holes in the sheath due to the effect of moisture ( the moisture in the body surrounding the foundation cushion). Heating can also avoid the effect of residual internal working pressure caused by rapid cooling of plastics during extrusion. In the whole process of plastic extrusion, heating can eliminate the difference in temperature between the cold line the plastic when it comes into contact with the plastic at the die opening, so as to prevent the fluctuation of the working pressure caused by the fluctuation of the plastic temperature, so as to stabilize the extrusion amount extrusion quality. Electric heater wire core heating equipment is used in flame retardant plastic generator set. The used small plastic mixer has sufficient volume can raise temperature quickly, which makes wire core heating cable core air drying efficient. The heating temperature is controlled by the angular velocity, which is almost the same as the engine temperature.

Refrigeration equipment:

After leaving the engine, the plastic extruded insulation layer should be cooled immediately, otherwise it will deform under the effect of the force. The refrigeration method generally selects the cooling water, according to the different temperature, it is divided into chilling cooling. Chilling is the immediate cooling of cold water, which is beneficial to the shape setting of Plastic Extrusion insulation layer. However, for crystalline polymer, due to sudden heat cooling, the mold plastic mixer is easy to cause residual thermal stress in the insulation extrusion mechanism, resulting in cracking in the whole application process. Generally, the use of chilling for PVC plastic layer is chilling. Slow cooling is to reduce the thermal stress of the product. Water with different temperature is placed in the cooling stainless steel water tank according to the section, so that the product can slowly reduce the temperature shape. The extrusion of PE PP is carried out by slow cooling, that is, after three stages of cooling: boiling water, warm boiling water cold water.

Single screw plastic granulator server current is unstable how to return a responsibility

Single screw plastic granulator is mainly used for rubber plastic insulation board engineering project epoxy resin filling, blending, modified materials, upgrading, isopropyl titanate, polypropylene epoxy resin with high water absorption capacity. Single screw plastic granulator server current is unstable how to return a responsibility?

(1) Uneven feeding.

(2) The bearing of main motor is damaged well lubricated.

(3) The first section of electric heater doesn't work doesn't heat up.

(4) The screw adjusting pad of extruder is correct, the phase difference is correct, the components intervene.

The practical solutions are as follows:

(1) Check feeder fault detection.

(2) Repair the main motor, replace the rolling bearing when necessary.

(3) Check whether all electric heaters are in normal operation. If necessary, remove replace the electric heaters.

(4) Check the adjusting pad, pull out the extruder screw check whether there is diffraction phenomenon in the extruder screw.



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