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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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Economic technical value characteristics of single screw sleeve screw of vertical plastic mixer plastic granulator

2020-06-04 09:34:06

The general standard of single screw extruder plastic granulator supplied is technical effective in economic development. Zhongheng plastic mixer should consider the safety engineering characteristics of the equipment. Pay attention to the following elements.

(1) Equipment productivity: including the production capacity of plastic granulator, extrusion rate automation technology level. Generally speaking, the larger the screw size of extruder is, the larger the production capacity is; however, the higher the purchase operation cost of machinery equipment, the larger the indoor space. The higher the extrusion rate is, the higher the production efficiency is; however, the energy consumption is increased the maintenance cost of parts is increased. The automatic control system of temperature, working pressure actuator of plastic granulator has a high level of automation technology, which is conducive to improving the production efficiency; however, the price of machine equipment is high, the maintenance standard is high. (high filling recycled plastic granulator)

(2) Extrusion quality level: the extrusion quality is generally evaluated by the intrinsic quality external quality of the extrusion material. The essential quality includes the physical physical properties symmetry of the extrusion. The external quality includes the geometry, shape, specification, shape color of the extrusion.

(3) Maximum energy consumption: it is generally considered by the output power consumed by the enterprise's production volume per unit time (kW * H / kg). The function loss of plastic granulator is mainly composed of actuator heating. Comprehensive sub project investigation shall be carried out for plastic material of mixer. (PVC cable material plastic granulator)

(4) Service life of the equipment: the plastic granulator has a long service life. The key to the oil temperature plastic mixer is the damage of the barrel the reducer. Although the investment in machinery equipment projects is increased, the service life of the equipment will be increased the economic development will be effective. (low smoke halogen free plastic granulator)

(5) The practicability specificity of plastic granulator: the production processing of goods cover a wide range (such as different polymers, different products, etc.), so it is advisable to the plastic granulator with strong practicability. Production processing of single commodity, it is appropriate to choose a special plastic granulator. It is possible to make the equipment with excellent characteristics, compact structure, high level of automation technology cost-effective project.

(6) The actual operation maintainability of the equipment.



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