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Horizontal plastic mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer
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Basic structure working principle of internal mixer with horizontal plastic mixer

2020-06-04 09:31:51

The chamber machine is generally composed of a mixing chamber, two relatively rotating motor rotors, upper lower top bolts, temperature measurement system, heating cooling system, discharge system, safety device, blanking equipment recording equipment. The surface layer of the motor rotor has spiral protruding edges, the number of which includes two, four six edges. The cross-sectional geometry of the motor rotor can be divided into three types: triangular, cylindrical ellipsoidal, there are two categories of tangential toothed. The temperature measurement system is composed of thermal resistance, which is used to measure the change of room temperature in the whole mixing process; the heating cooling system is mainly used to control the temperature of the motor rotor the surface of the cavity wall in the rubber mixing room. (high filling recycled plastic granulator)

Principle of secret room machine:

When the chamber machine is working, the rotors of the two motors rotate relative to each other. The stainless steel plastic mixer will pinch the raw materials the feeding port to the roll gap, suffer the extrusion molding cutting of the motor rotor. After crossing the roll gap, it meets the sharp edge of the lower top bolt, is divided into two parts, each along the middle gap between the front rear left right ventricular walls the motor rotor, then returns to the upper edge of the roll gap. After winding the motor rotor again, raw materials suffer cutting friction effects everywhere, which greatly increases the temperature of the plastic particles, reduces the viscosity, improves the moisture of the vulcanized rubber on the surface of the mutual compounding agent, makes the vulcanized rubber fully touch the surface of the mutual compounding agent. According to the gap between the motor rotor the motor rotor, the motor rotor the upper lower top bolts, the inner wall of the mixing room, the mutual compounding agent package is cut crushed together with the plastic rubber particles, is surrounded by the rubber vulcanized by drawing deformation, which is stable in the crushing condition. In addition, the convex edge on the motor rotor of the plastic mixer is heated to make the plastic particles move along the radial direction of the motor rotor, which has the mixing mixing effect, makes the mixing agent evenly mixed in the plastic particles. In this way, the mixture is continuously cut smashed, the plastic particles are constantly deformed repaired. The continuous mixing of the motor rotor ribs makes the mixture disperse evenly in the plastic particles achieve a certain degree of dispersion. (PVC cable material plastic granulator)

Because the cutting efficiency of plastic particles in the chamber mixer is much greater than that of the mixer. The high temperature of the high-speed mixer makes the efficiency of the chamber mixer much higher than that of the mixer. (low smoke halogen free plastic granulator)



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