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Details of oil change for twin screw granulator made by blender manufacturer

2020-06-04 09:22:22

The main purpose of the single screw plastic granulator is that the silo smoothly falls into the extruder screw of the single screw plastic granulator is bitten by the external thread of the extruder screw. With the rotation of the extruder screw, the external thread is forced to push towards the direction of the engine, forming a whole process of mechanical equipment transportation. When the plastic is running the feeding port to the engine, because of the deep reduction of the external thread of the extruder screw, as well as the existence of the friction resistance of the filter screen, separation plate engine, a high working pressure is generated in the whole melting process, which compresses the raw material very compactly, improves its heat transfer performance, is conducive to the rapid melting of the plastic. In addition, with the increase of the working pressure, the vapor previously stored in the middle of the particles is discharged the vent hole. (PVC cable material plastic granulator)

In addition to the rising working pressure, on the one hand, the plastic is heated by the outside world; on the other hand, the rolling friction force also causes a lot of heat in the whole process of shrinking, cutting mixing the plastic itself. Under the synergistic effect of external force internal force, the temperature of plastic glue rises slowly, its physical condition also experiences glass state to elastic cotton state to viscous flow state Change. It melts slowly in the extruder screw, while the raw material to the back side of the reduction section the effect of the melting section is in the viscous flow state. The plastic has been melted long ago. By the logic reasoning function of the extruder screw of the single screw plastic granulator, the melted plastic will be evenly, quantitatively analyzed evenly extruded the engine. (low smoke halogen free plastic granulator)

In the situation that single screw plastic granulator has been applied, most of the commonly used raw materials in the manufacturing industry are in powder form, so there will be a lot of consumption in the transportation. The price of drum type plastic mixer will cause dust pollution. Therefore, for this situation, the development application of single screw plastic granulator will greatly reverse the powder particles into particles. In chemical plant, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, decorative building materials, mining metallurgy, environmental protection, printing dyeing factory, porcelain, vulcanized rubber, plastic other industries are all necessary raw materials, the single screw plastic granulator is the production of raw materials into a specific shape of forming machinery equipment, to help the company in the transport level more convenient, drum mixer prices reduce product costs Damage, reduce air pollution. At present, the single screw granulator is widely used its technicality is warmly welcomed by customers.

The single screw plastic granulation machine manufacturing enterprises must remove the stains the automobile oil tank on schedule supply oil to the lubrication points of the mechanical equipment on time. If mechanical equipment oil change, if pay attention to solve the problem will harm the future application of mechanical equipment, then, single screw plastic granulator oil change must pay attention to what key points?

① The lubricating grease must be removed replaced once after the single screw plastic granulator has been used for 500 hours; the machine oil for the mechanical equipment of the single screw plastic granulator should be changed once every 3000 hours;

② The oil quantity of single screw plastic granulator should be based on the axis of oil level gauge when it is in operation. If it is less than the axis of oil level gauge, it should be filled immediately;

③ When the single screw plastic granulator is disassembled replaced, the grease applied this time should be responded, then the clean grease on the upper side should be put into the shell again, the shell should be cleaned once again, then released then filled with new grease.

Oil change is only a process of equipment maintenance of single screw plastic granulator. Paying attention to this small key point in maintenance can improve the service life of single screw plastic granulator make the production manufacturing of single screw plastic granulator more smooth.



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